Published: July 2017

Canada’s Drug Futures Forum: Summary of Proceedings and Final Recommendations

This publication is also available in French

Against the backdrop of a national opioid overdose crisis and the fracturing of the global consensus on criminalization-based drug policies, over 200 participants met in Ottawa at Canada’s Drug Futures Forum in April 2017 to produce a ten-year agenda for the future of Canadian drug policy. This report synthesizes dialogue generated by speakers at the Forum and outlines recommendations from participants on the future of Canadian drug policy. The recommendations reflect predominant themes and areas of convergence in the Forum’s presentations and discussions, although not total consensus, and present opportunities to generate policy or amend existing policies in the short, medium, and long-term across five domains, including:

  • National drug policy reform;
  • Criminal justice reform;
  • Prevention, harm reduction, and treatment;
  • Research and knowledge exchange; and,
  • International leadership.

A summary of the report and recommendations are available in English & French

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