Redressing Inequities in America’s Drug Policies: An Evidence-Grounded Call for Bold Action

In this brief for the Biden-Harris Administration, the CDPE and the Health in Justice Action Lab outline key actions to enhance the equity and effectiveness of drug policy in the United States.

Key actions across five drug policy issues are outlined:

  1. Reforming cannabis policy;
  2. Removing obstacles to harm reduction for overdose and infectious disease prevention;
  3. Increasing access to medication for opioid use disorder;
  4. Evolving drug courts; and
  5. Elevating the use of discretion in drug law enforcement.

Moving the United States beyond long-standing drug-related crises – including the opioid overdose epidemic and the inequity crisis in drug law enforcement – requires bold, innovative solutions. The key actions in this brief offer a roadmap to address the current challenges in drug policy and to advance equity, health, and social well-being.

View the brief.